Dialogue with the bird.


(For older children.)


1). Someone

2).  The bird (large)

3). C:  A third voice

Action 1:

At sea, on the pole sits a bird. Wings spread out. Scratching his beak sides. Catch lice.

Someone floats past the post. The waves are small.


Someone: Hello, bird!

Bird: Hi!

Someone: Why are you here set?!

Bird: I get wet. I'm withering. What do you care?

Someone: Can not you see? I've been swimming.

Bird: There are a lot of which is a floating.

Someone: Why do you wet? You are a goos. But goose is not getting wet.

Bird: You're a goose. I'm Pelican.

Someone: You are waterfowl.

Bird(Pelican): I'm do not know why I'm wet. Maybe I'm sick?

Wet and everything. And then withering.

Someone: And you do not go into the water.

Pelican(Bird): And as the fish caught?

Someone: Use a fishing rod.

Pelican: Are you blind? Where did the pelican fishing rod is growing? In the pelican's beak for good.

Seen fat to lubricate the feathers a little. Sick, though. Old has become.

Someone: So fly treated.

Pelican: Where to get treatment? What? And I don't have insurance. Discrimination, however.

Someone: One of my friend's grandfather was. He always treated a dog fat.

Pelican: He also gets wet?

Someone: Of all ilness treated. And newer was sick.

Pelican: And why was treated?

Someone: And for prevention.

Pelican: Smart was a pelican, however.

Someone: Dog lard is useful for all diseases. He prefered wild wolves. This is big wild dogs.

Pelican: But how distinguish the wild of no wildlife?

Someone: I think a wild dog makes a noise more.

Pelican: We have a lot of wild dogs around. I think about it.


TV news:

Last night, Mrs. Bottle walking her dog on the beach. Saddenly there came a pelican, grabbed the leash and took the dog away into Ocean.

It is possible to allow dog walking beach? Unusual the activity of bird can be interpreted as a spontaneous protest against the pollution of the beath with excrement of domestic animals.

Where to watch the administration?

It is necessary to increase the penalty for dog walking in public placees.


Action 2.

Second day.

Someone: Hello, beard!

Pelican: Hi, Doctor!

Someone: What have you got in its beak hanging?

Pelican: I took the first dose of medication. I think it's tail. Very wild wolf was caught. Highly noisy. Had a long time in the water wash.

Someone: It is not difficult to swallow was that?

Pelican: I had to swallow fish wolves and thicker. That does not include the tail. No teeth to bite.

Someone: I have the good tooth. Come down from the post. I will cut off this tail-leash.

C: A third voice: "Who here needed good teeth?!"

To be continued.